Issue 2 now online

For our second issue, inspired by the dancing of Janille Hill and her Momentum step dance troupe, we issued a call for movement in art and art through movement. Our issue 2 artists took inspiration from all sorts of movement, from mathematics to current events, and translated movement into experiences for the stage, performance art and a poem that will take you on a journey through multiple internet pages integrating visual art, poetry, binary code, spoken word and video art.

We hope you enjoy this issue and find yourself inspired to move and to create art.

Below, you’ll find a list of our included artists so you can explore this issue in any way that you choose. Alternatively, you can click the ‘Try this’ button at the bottom of each page to follow the path we’ve designed through the art. We recommend you start with ‘The Ain’ts’ by Joshua Everett.


Sinéad & Lisa

Performance Art in a Meadow – Peter Baltensperger
A Particle, Perhaps, Spinning – Devon Balwit
We Gloom and it is Our Gloom – Devon Balwit
Woman in a Chemise (1906-present) – James Caley
The Ain’ts – Joshua Everett
L’Heure Bleue – Mia Funk
Post Never Never Land – John Grey
the fulfillment of desire or else reported missing by moving off the map – Gabor G Gyukics
Moving Walls – Matthew Harrison-Lord
Houseboat – Kyle Hemmings
witnessed – donna kuhn
Sine Waves – PW Lewis
The Intercession – Alison Lock
Good Neighbours Make Good Fences – Michael Loveday
Southern California, a haiku sequence – Maeve O’Sullivan

Flare – Richard King Perkins II
Muse of Fire – Frederick Pollack
Second-hand or the ghosts of company – David Russomano
The Bride’s Bouquet – Sarah Wallis
First Thing in the Morning – Sue Webster

Featured image: witnessed by donna kuhn

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