Eight Wheels – Harold Ackerman

Eight Wheels

“There is no justice in history.”–Noah Hariri
There is plenty of what worked for a time.
Now the eight-wheeled tractors sit idle like wrecked ships
without inspired sails. The snows holding on in ice,
the weeks of rain following, the Chillisquaque
and the Buffalo spewing back what they got,
no one can make this progress work any more.
The fields won’t hold them, they sink
under their own enormous triumph,
and the drivers wait it out in coffee shops
along U.S. 15, sneaking a look to see
will they have a respectable tip. They feel
humiliated by these events, and distantly
by the knowledge that Amish families at Derrs
and Washingtonville and Iola have begun
to set their animal teams upon the soil
carving it in the old way, hurrying to end
by dark. The wind, too, drives them mad,
working, working.



Harold Ackerman, retired from teaching, writes and gathers photographs in Berwick, PA.  He has poetry most recently at Word Fountain and photo art forthcoming at Pithead Chapel.   You can visit his gallery at briarcreekphotos.com


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