I’d like – Trevor Knorr

I’d like

I’d like to write about anything besides
myself but I’ve had so many stories
and was the main character in every one

I’ve been so many stories

in the spring every raindrop fell just to clean
me and the gutters didn’t even get wet
I swear that’s what I saw it was
dry gutters and dirty me until my skin shone and
everyone had to look at how beautiful
teeth chattering in the street wet
to the nerves that’s when summer
came to warm me I swear the sun didn’t set
for three months why would it?
when it got so lonely spending those
hours awake leaves jumped off
the trees just to be with me I
left too many on the ground I left them all
on the ground and now the snow is falling and I
can’t see them anymore I can’t see the gutters
I can’t see the sun but that’s alright
maybe I’ll just lie down in the stuff
until it makes me warm or I figure
out what it has to do with




Trevor Knorr is an undergraduate student studying English education and philosophy at Utah Valley University. His poetry has appeared in the Claremont Review.



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