dark rivers of the mad alphabet spiked w/ opium  – Rob Plath

dark rivers of the mad alphabet spiked w/ opium 
i read that  
edgar allan poe 
sealed pieces  
of parchment  
paper together  
end to end  
so he could  
upon a long scroll 
& tonight  
i picture  
beautifully mad  
drunken poe 
w/ pages  
thin as skin  
by blood red wax  
by a skull  
& crossbones  
& the madman’s  
quill moving  
like a motherfucker 
as black ABCs  
flow into  
a dark river  
in the moonlight 



Rob Plath is a writer from New York. He was once tutored by Allen Ginsberg for two years from 1995-1997.  He has published 22 books and a ton of poems in the small presses over the last 26 years. He is most know for his monster collection A Bellyful of Anarcy (epic rites press). He lives with his cat and tries his best to stay out of trouble.


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