Anatomy of Failure – Sergio A. Ortiz


Anatomy of Failure

My mother never forgot the sky
that illumined the square of my town.

She talked about the gazebo
in front of the train station,
the aqueduct arches which brought
the turbid sound of water
in the mornings.

The mist reached her thoughts,
she listened to the young man’s footsteps
as he swept the square
with his broom of mallows.

The light coming through the window
lit up her face. The bitterness
of her empty hands hurt.

No breath ever incited her hair.
My mother was an abandoned house.



Sergio A. Ortiz is is a gay Puerto Rican poet and the founding editor of Undertow Tanka Review. He is a two-time Pushcart nominee, a four time Best of the Web nominee, and a 2016 Best of the Net nominee. He is currently working on his first full length collection of poems, Elephant Graveyard.

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