Torn Blue Dress – Vinny Steed


Torn Blue Dress

A tear in the seam of your new blue dress
So inconspicuous, it may not exist at all
Table tennis for one perhaps
Battles-of-brain played against shadows
The echo of a bouncing ball
Never returned
Each hoarded insult viciously aborted
Words with gnawing teeth, jagged edges
Leaving undignified dead air between us
There were noises we made that could not be placed
A salmon’s vibrating muscle inside the dark pink mud
Call of despair in the blackness
The sound of a fox starving
on a pure white carpet.



Vinny Steed has work published abroad and at home.  His poems have featured in the Galway Review, Headstuff, Skylight 47, Crannog, Into the Void, Tales from the Forest magazine and Ofi Press magazine.  Some of his poems are soon to feature in Windows 25th edition. He was long listed for the 2015 & 2016 over the edge poetry competition and short listed for the 2016 Doolin poetry competition.  Most recently, he was long-listed for the Cinnamon Press debut poetry collection.

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