Issue 11 – Making your mark is live

It’s our 11th issue and this time we asked our artists to explore the idea of making a mark. This was inspired by a wonderful conversation with new potter Steve Cook in which we explored connections between different art forms.

As always, the response we had was fascinating and we were delighted to see artists exploring the theme in a host of ways, from Ken Galbreath’s exploration of the cultural marks we leave on each other in The Muezzin to the physical marks left on skin in Rachel Cunniffe’s To a bruise. Meanwhile, the marks left in Raum Inam’s Daisy are more than a little unnerving and Richard Weaver considers the marks left over a lifetime in Alfred Jarry. And Rochelle Shicoff makes her mark in two beautiful pieces of art – Of a Clear and Warm Evening and Of the Dust.

And we’re pleased to welcome back Issue 8 artist Quin de la Mer and share two more of her incredible frescoes, Eye of Yew and Patterned Ground: A Visual Conversation Concerning Climate Crisis As Distillations of Human History.

In her submission, Quin wrote: “Lisa’s conversation with Steve Cook was compelling and inspired me to look at my work from a potters point of view.  I related to the comment “There’s something quite primal about turning a pile of mud into a refined form and it involves these basic processes, like heat and physical effort …” I have said the same about making frescoes.”

Below, you’ll find a list of our included artists so you can explore this issue in any way that you choose. Alternatively, you can click the ‘Try this‘ button at the bottom of each page to follow the path we’ve designed through the art. We recommend you start with Ken’s The Muezzin.

We hope you enjoy!

Sinéad & Lisa


Eight Wheels – Harold Ackerman
Note on Modern Infrastructure – J. Ian Bush
To a bruise – Rachel Cunniffe
Eye of Yew – Quin de la Mer
Patterned Ground: A Visual Conversation Concerning Climate Crisis As Distillations of Human History  – Quin de la Mer
The Muezzin – Ken Galbreath
Bedtime Ritual – Srijani Ganguly
Myth of the Sun-God – Jordan Hoban
Myth of the Wise Hero – Jordan Hoban
Daisy – Raum Inam
The Candle is Lit – Kristi
The Tub – Isabella Orrebo
Of a Clear and Warm Evening – Rochelle Schicoff
Of the Dust – Rochelle Shicoff
Alfred Jarry – Richard Weaver

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