Southern California – Maeve O’Sullivan


Southern California, a haiku sequence


Palm Sunday:
a hummingbird drinks his fill
of sugared water

* * *
Santa Monica

he skates past the sign:


* * *
gin martinis –
a woman with a walker
moves in and out of view

* * *

a row of palm tree silhouettes above Sunset Boulevard

* * *

scent of a lemon     just released from its tree

* * *
San Diego Bay –

its deep blue darkened

by an aircraft carrier


we three walk
by the empty reservoir –

orange blossom fragrance

* * *

a mockingbird

tries out another voice –
Easter Sunday



Maeve O’Sullivan is in education in Dublin. Her poems and haiku have been widely published and anthologized in journals. She has published three collections: Initial Response (haiku, 2011), Vocal Chords (poetry, 2014) and A Train Hurtles West (haiku, 2015), all of them with Alba Publishing ( Maeve is a founding member  of Haiku Ireland and the Hibernian Poetry Workshop, and she also performs at events with The Poetry Divas.

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