Origami – C. Z. Heyward



Mama says
the Man who sold her that piece of junk
vacuum cleaner
is just like Daddy

both have origami tongues
cause the beauty of their lies
are folded in their teeth and tongue
and by the things their hands do

says she learned about origami
from Daddy when he got back from the war
no doubt taught to him by the girlfriend he found there

his picture hangs like a wanted poster in Mama’s heart
And in what’s supposed to be our living room
He smiles cause he knows she can’t catch him
As long as she has me and my brother

I sometimes wonder if I have a brother
or sister
Back where he left the war

They probably have his wanted poster too

He keeps running
Except when I get big
I’m gonna catch him

And switch him
For all us

And tear out them
origami lies

And origami eyes



Inspired by Portrait of the Artist and a Vacuum by Kerry James Marshall.

C. Z. Heyward is a Harlem (NYC) born poet and spoken word artist whose work has found platforms in the United Kingdom, France and Greece. He’s looking forward to teaching his newborn daughter London Alejandra about everything and anything she can imagine.

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