online body language – Octav Codrea

online body language

jump start my monomyth,
out of the womb and into
key performance indicators

out of the family unit and into the
unity of workplace cooperation,
out of the subway and into
pedestrian traffic,
out of my skin and into my skin.
out of the box of marshmallow flavored frosted flakes breakfast cereal
and into my mouth, between my teeth, on my tongue, down my throat,
public transport sucks,
my keyboard-pressing thought bot fingers are but appendages to my id badge.
out of online body language and
unsatisfactory profile pictures
into an interminable amount of high definition pornography streaming services,

out of supply and into demand,
out of my friend’s daily yoga sessions that help her maintain
an emotional balance in an otherwise stressful environment.
coming up for air,
and yet when it happens it doesn’t feel like you did anything to make it happen,
air that has found its way in my lungs on its own,
electrochemical i,
second sight through floating eye-motes,
for a minute there i was out of the loop.



Octav Codrea is an illustrator and amateur poetry author from Bucharest, Romania.


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