The Reckoning – Danielle Paige Williams

We want fires that burn. Poems that hurt. Words that are so painstakingly blunt they break barriers. People that are so honest it brings others to their knees.

Eventually, they will beg and they will plead. “Please end your statement with a period and not a dagger.”

They will cry. They will deny all your claims. But push through and let blood flow. If you don’t write it, nobody will. And then you’ll be subjected to anybody’s will. And we don’t have time for that shit. We don’t have time to sit. We are in a revolution. So, use your words precisely.

We want fires so big your bigotry dissipates. We want poems that hurt. We want words so painstakingly blunt they break barriers. People that are carriers of the truth.

People that dispute. People that bring you to your knees. Beg for forgiveness. Plead for people who placate. Who pacify. Who fear the fire. Go with them. The Begging and the pleading. And show them that you are the force to be reckoned with.



Danielle Paige Williams is a 24-year old poet from Columbia, South Carolina. She received her BA in Arts Administration from Elon University, and will begin her MFA in Poetry at George Mason University this fall. Through poetry, Williams finds a way to tell her truth and explore what it means to feel freedom from writing your own story. The Art in Knowing Me is her first self-published poetry collection.


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