For our latest edition, we’re asking artists to explore the idea of portrait. To get you thinking, we spoke to photographer Justin Desforges.

Time for a radical rethink

In the first of a two-part interview, poet and chair of Spread the Word Rishi Dastidar discusses a new eye-opening report on diversity in publishing.

A serious laugh

In the second of our two-part interview poet Rishi Dastidar talks to us about the power of innovation and why the word ‘playful’ best sums up his work.


For our latest edition we’re asking artists to consider what it means to be a nomad, with some help from all the sins contributor Quin de la Mer.

Making your mark

For the next edition of all the sins we’re asking contributors to explore ways in which they leave marks on their work. To kick things off we spoke to potter Steve Cook.

Messages in bottles

For our latest submissions call we want you to embrace the theme ‘message in a bottle’ – you might take this literally and share a big idea that is contained in something small or opt for a more lateral approach and interpret this through the rediscovery of another artform – perhaps the sea shanty. You…

Issue 9 – Art from history is live

For issue 9, we asked artists to be inspired by what has happened before and the submissions blew us away. It was difficult to come down to a final list, especially when there were so many different interpretations of the theme. But we fought it out and we think the 17 pieces in this issue…

Art from history

Issue 9 is now open for submissions and this quarter we’re asking artists to explore history through their art, blending knowledge with imagination to create something new.

Issue 8 – Meaning is live

For issue 8, we asked artists to look for meaning: underlying, hidden, obvious, secret and everything in between. And, as always, they wowed us. The search for meaning is central to the work of so many artists and we think you’ll love the varied approaches to and interpretations of this quarter’s theme. From the vibrant…