The Date – Simon Banos

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This three part series was inspired by ‘Date’ a song by Greek musician, pianist and composer of electronic and art music, Lena Platonos. She was one of the pioneers in the Greek electronic music scene of the 80s, while her work was an inspiration for electronic musicians in the subsequent decades. Her unique narration skill and her poeticness have transformed themes such as immigration, the absolute power of computers in our daily lives and the hermetic guard of our private spaces, into “electronically versified poems”, giving us the image of an artist who works ahead of her time.

The song “Date” is included on Lena Platonos’ album Diaries (Odos Panos, March 2008).

Note from the editors: try listening to the track while looking at Simon’s work



Simon Banos studied architecture and works as a “curarchitect“, experimenting with several means of expression and aesthetic approaches! He studies Narrative Environments at Central Saint Martins, as he’s deeply interested in the stories that different spaces can tell! He loves combining architecture with new media art and poetry, creating small fairy-tales. He is inspired by Greek poems which he tries to animate in his digitopias!


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