Eye of Yew – Quin de la Mer


Eye of Yew

Quin writes:

Lisa’s conversation with Steve Cook was compelling and inspired me to look at my work from a potters point of view.  I related to the comment “There’s something quite primal about turning a pile of mud into a refined form and it involves these basic processes, like heat and physical effort …” I have said the same about making frescoes…

It is a technique of painting executed upon freshly laid lime-based plaster. Layers of lime paint and pigments merge with the plaster forming the completed fresco. It reminds me of ceramics because it starts out like a wet soupy clay. I burnish it by hand to create the finish.


Quin de la Mer is a conceptual artist who uses fresco painting as my primary medium. I employ abstract expressionism to communicate emotional truths. Within a larger framework, my works create an interwoven narrative of nested stories that swing in the balance between invisible and visible forces and their impacts on existence. It is through the intentional making of marks (texture) that the stories unfold.

Take a look at Patterned Ground: A Visual Conversation Concerning Climate Crisis As Distillations of Human History, also by Quin.


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