A prospect of lyme – Geoffrey Heptonstall

A prospect of lyme

A song is heard at the world’s end,
the sound of sea on the strand
in rhythms familiar the world over.
Seabirds, seals and driftwood gather
to be found at the extreme
Where land is moonscape
and stardust falls as sea spray.

The land at sea so far reaches
where land is no longer,
not as we know soil and stone,
but a crossing of water,
a finger of silt stretching
to the horizon’s shimmer
assumed to be the world’s edge,
there being no beyond here,
all proposed as unknown,
charted by dreamers alone,
eyes closed and unawakened
when everyone is an island
apart from the otherness
named for us as somewhere
that shakes the world to fever,
like lovers in a storm.




Geoffry Heptonstall is an artist.



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