Glory – Chloe Balcomb


Pa told us straight, ‘Aint no money in turkeys,
you girls gotta figure somethin’ out.’ There was
seven of us see and not a dime in savings.

Well we sang real pretty, put a lark to shame,
then there was our crowning glory, sleek and
tumbling to our hems, we thought to grow it

seven feet long. Sure took some tending but
we was happy, sooner comb than wring a neck!
Folks cried out as we unwound it, teased it down

real soft and slow. Then Pa got the brainwave,
Sutherland Sisters Hair Fertilizer. Seems folks
don’t care what’s in a thing, they just wannit!

$90,000 dollars we made in a twelve-month,
‘fore we knew it, we was flying high, dint need
to work no more, nor give a damn the bob

come in and no one wanted locks like ours!
That why you here? You heard the stories,
heartbreak, drugs and spending sprees?

True, our sweethearts come between us, a drink
do sometimes pick us up. But we girls are the
Seven Wonders, scandal never hurt us much!




Chloe Balcomb is a poet, storyteller and performer. Recent publications in journals and online include, What We Did, Beautiful Dragon’s Press 2017, My Son the Cockroach, And Other Poems 2017, Bohemia, Under the Radar 2018. Her most recent body of work, Female Funambulists explores the extraordinary lives of 19th and 20th century female circus performers.


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