Commuter – Katarina La Poll


Let me be lonely,
occupy one small section
of the bench, I’ll slide
my purse over and you can sit
beside me so long
as you are also exhausted and quiet
and keep from tapping your feet, so
long as you can hold
still, one moment
with me, stranger
So long as our shoulders can touch
and we give in and allow
our eyes to close
So long as you will wake
me up when it’s our stop
good stranger
with the musky tee
and quiet,
still feet.



Katarina La Poll is an actor/poet from the Bay Area, California currently living in NYC. She is pursuing an MFA in Poetry at Columbia University as well as studying the Meisner Technique at William Esper Studio. She is interested in exploring how different expressions of art—specifically, theater, film, and dance—might intersect with poetry. Katarina loves collaboration across media, and can be reached at


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