Hopeful – Ziggy Schulting



The brownish red stain on this
hostel pillow may be blood,
but it’s just as likely chocolate.
I’m just hoping it’s not shit.
Or vaginal blood.
Hoping if it is blood,
it’s just, you know, regular blood.

I suppose I would classify myself as hopeful.

Not too hopeful that it’s delusional,
not delusionally hopeful.
Just hopeful in the sense that if I were
standing under falling rocks,
I would hope they wouldn’t hit me,
not that they wouldn’t fall.



Ziggy Schulting is a writer and actor out of New York and Connecticut. She currently studies English and Theatre at Skidmore College from where she will graduate in May 2018. Ziggy’s poetry has previously been accepted in Mosaic Art & Literary Magazine. After Ziggy completes her undergraduate degree, she ultimately hopes to go to graduate school to study poetry and English Literature.

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