Swan Lake – Alexandros Zochios


Look at Mr. Takis’ unshaven smile. Look at his floppy hands resting on his belly. Look at this fat brimming over his frayed dance costume. All white and too tight now. Look at his bills pilling up behind the door. Look at his shiny awards, his clean small kitchen. Look at his shabby dance shoes. He hasn’t worn them for a long time. Look at the overturned table underneath him. His feet are still swinging in circles, showing off the last pirouette. Look at the rope around his neck hanging from the ceiling. Look at him dancing once more in the air against the small cloudy window.



Alexandros Zochios works as a software developer in Athens, Greece. He has been published in a Greek speculative fiction anthology, as well as in a Greek sci-fi magazine. He wants to reach the English-speaking readers and his first story of 50 words (in English) has been published online by his mentor and author Heidi James.


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