Little Glass Vial – Hannah Kludy

Little Glass Vial

On my desk there is a little glass vial
which holds nothing.
I found it in a second
hand store with shelves of crystal.

I think that it held perfume once
or maybe exotic spices. It smells
like air and when I bought the thing
it had some brown residue at the

This makes me believe it stored tobacco once
on the highest shelf of some woman’s boudoir.
I want to find something of mine to put inside.

Last Christmas I put silver ribbon in it.
That made it look emptier.



Hannah Kludy is a graduate of Northwest Missouri State University and a current MFA student at Creighton University. Her poetry has been published in Missouri’s Best Emerging Poets Anthology, Medium Weight Forks, Algebra of Owls, and 34th Parallel. Her fiction has been published in over a dozen other magazines.

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