Current Call

For Issue 5, we’re calling on artists to look outside and to show us what they see. We want landscapes in the broadest sense, from pastoral poetry to digital mindscapes, from utopian landscapes to futurescapes. Throw open the curtains, go for a walk, delve into your imagination. Share what you see, what you wish you saw, what you fear to see.

To help inspire you, we interviewed Lauren P Della Monica, guest curator of Painted Landscapes: Contemporary Views at The Heritage Museum and Gardens in our quarterly feature.

As always, we also welcome submissions outside the theme. Our interest is in writing and art of the highest quality, regardless of theme.

As well as creative submissions for our quarterly issues, on a rolling basis we welcome pitches for long and short articles, and visual arts to accompany these articles.

Please read our full submissions guidelines here.

Deadline: Thursday, 21 September 2017


Featured artist: Randall Exon
Current, 2009
Oil on linen
Private Collection, Dallas, Texas