Current Call

For our next edition of all the sins, we’re asking artists to explore history through their art. It could be a key moment on the world stage or a tiny detail from your childhood. Either way, we want to see art that moves beyond simple fact telling and, instead, blends knowledge with imagination to create something new. We’re looking for authenticity rather than accuracy. As always, we hope our latest essay will get you thinking about our theme in new ways.

You may also like to try your hand at a new written form called a ‘centena’. Devised by author John Simmons for a literary project Sinéad and I are both involved in, the form is precisely 100 words, with the first and last three words repeating. You can find out more about the project and the form in John’s interview at the end.

Submission deadline: Thursday 4 October 2018

Before you submit please make sure you read and follow our full submissions guidelines.