Submissions round 4

You did it again. You wowed us with your work, with your perspectives on the world and your bravery to tell stories that matter.

But that didn’t mean that editing was easy, especially as we saw the number of submissions explode! Compared to our first round of submissions, we saw a seven-fold increase. This was great for us because we spent a month immersed in interesting art, but it also made this the most competitive cycle, yet.

We published 16 pieces by 15 different artists, which is an acceptance rate of 4.5% by piece and 10.8% by artist. This means that our acceptance rate halved from the previous quarter. Nonfiction submissions continued to rise, representing just over 4% of submissions but also 12.5% of published pieces (2). Poetry submissions rose in terms of numbers but from 82% of our total submissions for issue 4 they went down slightly to 70% in this round.

An unfortunate side effect of receiving all these fabulous submissions was that we couldn’t provide individual feedback to everyone who submitted. We did our best to provide as much constructive feedback as we could.

One of the trends that we’re noticing is a failure to adhere to our submissions guidelines. We don’t have many, but submittors following them makes our lives so much easier. As unpaid editors with full time jobs in addition to all the sins, we appreciate anything our submittors do that helps us to do our jobs faster and with less correcting of things like formatting. It leaves us more time to give helpful feedback! It also means that your work won’t be rejected out of hand. Up until now, we have emailed people who have made serious submissions errors and corrected minor errors, but if submission numbers continue to increase every quarter, we will have to start rejecting work that does not conform to the guidelines out of hand. (PS: if an editor emails you to tell you that your work doesn’t meet submission guidelines, it is not effective to reply saying that the editor is wrong and doesn’t know how to format…it may be true, but we won’t be convinced)

Visual and mixed media artists, you meet guidelines like it’s your job! (Psst, writers…it is your job) If you’re sending us a large file like a video or high quality digital art, please feel free to send it through WeTransfer. It’s a free site and will make your life easier!

We’re thrilled with the work in Issue 4 and we think you will be too. Our next call opens very soon so keep your eyes on the site and get ready to submit again!



Featured artwork by Rebecka Skog. Rebecka is 31 years old, graduating from Madrid with a degree in Fashion Design and Fashion Photography from Milan. Her illustrations are intricately drawn with a distinctive pop art style, full of colour and pattern. She is inspired by everything, especially culture. She was born in Sweden, so she is inspired by their fashion, decoration and style, and of course, living in the Canary Islands means that she is influenced by everything Spanish. You can see more of her work in Issue 4!

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