Art from history

Issue 9 is now open for submissions and this quarter we’re asking artists to explore history through their art, blending knowledge with imagination to create something new.

Issue 8 – Meaning is live

For issue 8, we asked artists to look for meaning: underlying, hidden, obvious, secret and everything in between. And, as always, they wowed us. The search for meaning is central to the work of so many artists and we think you’ll love the varied approaches to and interpretations of this quarter’s theme. From the vibrant…

In search of…

For our latest submissions window we talk to visual artist Liam Herne about the search for meaning in our digital age.

Submissions round 6

We’re back again with a look inside the editorial process of all the sins. Our submitting artists, once again, made it really difficult to choose a final line-up for the issue and, once again, we found ourselves having to let go of some really excellent work simply because we couldn’t find a home for it…

Small is beautiful

To introduce our latest theme we talk to filmmaker Neville Pierce and publishing analyst Danuta Kean about the joy of short form art.

Issue 6 is live

We dig deep this issue and explore the myriad ways in which all things buried have a way of rising to the surface.

Issue 5 is live

From contemporary to future to mindscapes, Issue 5 reimagines and challenges how we think of landscapes.

Issue 4 now online

Issue 4 has arrived! We’ve got a delicious mix of visual art, fiction, poetry and creative non-fiction for you to enjoy.

Imaginative pathways

We go walking with Issue 1 contributor Lucy Furlong to find out more about the art of psychogeography and the role it plays in her poetry.

RIP Willy Wonka

The late Gene Wilder starred in some of the comedy greats of the 1970s and 80s, but, for Lisa, he will always be Willy Wonka.

Dream big

Lisa has pulled together a crack team of BFG fans to help her hunt down London’s latest Dahl-inspired artwork.