Expressing the scream

With Picasso’s Guernica turning 80 and a new exhibition on the anti-war movement now open at London’s Imperial War Museum, we look at the enduring power of art as protest

And I must follow, if I can

In her third piece for all the sins, guest writer and museum expert, Margaret Winikates takes us on a literary pilgrimage

Why theatre shouldn’t be safe

America’s new president-elect thinks theatre should be a safe place. With a name like ours, we weren’t going to take that lying down.

Issue 1 now online

It’s here! Our very first edition is now available and brimming with exciting art that sins in all the right ways.

Submissions round 1

A round-up of our first call for submissions. Who submitted, what we saw and how we made the tough decisions.

The birth of a magazine

‘Artists are looking for new, exciting places to publish and places where they can be a part of a community. Readers are looking for more than traditional publishers can offer them.’ Sinead explores how all the sins came to be.